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Water Rush Water Rush

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Very pleasing to the ears until the very end of the track. I really commend the voice here, sounds great.

mattuiop responds:

yo thanks!
the way i made this tune was by just throughly ready made samples, so you better check out my new one!
thanks anyways!

[RM] - Starry Sky [RM] - Starry Sky

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I'm glad that I came across this track, not only this song was featured. It damn well deserved to be on it.

The soft tones throughout the whole track was very good, doesn't overpower too much and overall fits the title of the track you've given it.

The instruments that you used to create this beat was superb, you made such a great melody that just keeps getting catchy after repeating the song.

Very nice work, hope to see more from you.

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Randomizor responds:

Thanks! =D

Snapdragon Snapdragon

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Imagination at work.

Really great imaginative piece right here, your expression towards your music is truly amazing. It feels real, alive, and barely generic at all.

The name is very fitting, like the other reviewer that was said below me down there, it did remind me of a long hill or field from this.

Or even maybe the final battle at a last scene, it really does have the momentum for it.

Overall, another great piece. You never cease to amaze me.

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Trance Turnabout Trance Turnabout

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Of all your tracks, this has to be one of the greatest masterpieces that you've created. Wait, scratch that. All of your songs are masterpieces, and I really mean that.

This song has a lot of meaning, you can hear it from the beginning to its ending. It's strong and powerful and makes you feel that you can just listen to it forever.

I really thought I was in a dream world for a second from this song, that's how great this track is. Not only that, it's from Phoenix Wright, which is also an incredible game.

Overall, from I was hooked from the beginning. I really got to start fresh and play all the Phoenix Wright games from first to last while listening to this track for added measure.

Great job.

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Piano_Force [Box Killa] Piano_Force [Box Killa]

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


The piano by it self served to be perfect for this kind of track. I like how you brought upon the emotion throughout the piano. Very nice touch there.

I especially like the melody, sounds very classical and old fashioned. Just the kind of music that I like and prefer.

Great job overall, the piano really does deserve to be it's own orchestra.

Box-Killa responds:

Your kind words! Thank you! lolz yeah it is very 'proper', classical, etc. Thanks for the review :D glad you liked it so much

Lightside [Box-Killa] Lightside [Box-Killa]

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Someone abused the score system.

Because this definitely doesn't deserve the score it receives. This is what you call bad judgment from the viewers who listen to music, it makes me say that I'm disappointed to why people do this.

The sound is very good, the bass seems to overpower too much at times maybe try to mix it a bit more. It's still good nonetheless.

Piano is the favorite bit for me, it blends will within the song. So kodos to you for doing that.

Overall, I enjoyed it and listened to it fully. Good songs deserve full attention.

Great job.

Box-Killa responds:

Obviously someone doesnt like me. Those scores are kinda horid lolz. Well it doesnt matter, the song isn't going to change. Yeah i like the piano a lot aswell XD

thanks for the review, points taken :D

Feels Like Meh (NG Cut) Feels Like Meh (NG Cut)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Excellent in purest form.

Very touching, deep and inspiring all in one.

I was just in a trance by just listening to it. I felt "out there" if anyone feels that. It just a different sense of atmosphere that made me realize some things in this song and my life itself.

So excellent, I'll recommend this to others.

Reasoner- 2,327 Miles Reasoner- 2,327 Miles

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Impressive, a grand feat. True pianst on the way.

The description that you gave for this track fitted very well, I'm glad that you expressed your heart felt emotions in this, it shows that you have the passion and strive for music.

There's so much to talk about, so let us start off with this:

The instruments: Nice to see that the instrument way only piano for this song, because the piano really brought a lot of strength and emotion into it. I could really feel what the piano is trying to express, and when you play if trying to express. To the sad bits (where the piano plays a key softly) to the hard beats ( keys play hard) I can feel it all.

The song: Very well done, I'm already cheering you on that you made it. I've always been impressed with your music and so far every track I've listened from you have never let me down. You're a true musician that does music that comes from your heart and mind. This track shows it very well, as well with your other tracks as well.

The tempo: Very slow to a faster (but still slow) pace to a high tempo (but not to overpowering) pace, all flowed very nicely.

Again and again, this deserves to be one of my favorites, heck maybe even in the Top 4 of the favorite audio. It really deserves it place there.

Simplicity? Style? That doesn't matter for this song at all, it's all about what you want to do and what you want to express. Don't give in to trying so hard to please many and just do it to please yourself.

Great job, I await your next track from you.

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Equilibrium - Mjattie Equilibrium - Mjattie

Rated 5 / 5 stars

From beginning to end, incredible.

Wow, just amazed at how this all ended.

People may be put down from the slow introduction of the song, but trust me it gets better as it progresses.

Good that you gave a heads up for people who don't like intros, I don't mind them because I actually like intros, it makes me pumped up for the instruments to all come along.

The song is steady and stays consistent, nothing overpowers one another. It all stays in unity from the instruments and tempo. Good job on that.

In the end, I enjoyed this song to the fullest, once again continue on making great tracks like these.

Collaborations seem to be your forte, because every collaboration you make just keeps getting better and better.

But also, you yourself make tracks that better yourself.

mjattie responds:

well, actually this is not a collab because this friend was just giving his personal opinion about the instruments and the melodies, but it helped me though :)

I'm glad this song enjoyed you.

Mjattie vs. OS - Mountainrise Mjattie vs. OS - Mountainrise

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great collaboration! Should of listened sooner!

It's very nice to see that you two collaborated to create something so good, and I'm already applauding you how well made this is.

The overall feel of the song is very up tempo, and the soothing instruments all mixing into one is great.

Gotta love the part in 2:50-2:55, the rising instruments are a nice touch for a big finale.

The title you've given it, it fits really well through the song, I can imagine just camping on top of the mountain, to wake up with a morning sunrise.

The execution all worked out in the end, continue to create great audio, because I'll know I'll come back for another listen.

Expect another review from me.

mjattie responds:

thanks for your constructive review Lost-Wisdom! I really appreciate!